Cost Effective Energy Efficiency Part I

An energy efficient home is more important now than ever before, but green walls might not be your thing and breaking the bank to make your custom home energy efficient is not at the top of anyone’s list.  Is it possible to design a dream home that is energy efficient and cost effective?

According to some experts, a home that is energy efficient may actually be easier on your wallet than your average home building cost.  The secret?  The basics.  Gadgets and appliances are great but what you really should focus on is to make a few small but significant changes to your house plan and considering carefully all of the spaces that you are planning.  Do you need such a large living area and a sitting room?

Energy conscious construction should be planned in detail, make sure to talk to your custom home builder about specific products and items that you want installed in your house.  Sometimes choosing the mid-level item is a good cost-effective and perfectly acceptable way to go, other times, your designer can advise you on spending a bit more money to save money in the long run on repairs.  Knowing the cost of materials is important for these conversations so do a little research on your own.

A Few Other Cost Saving Tips

Building over your house’s garage is an excellent way to utilize space in a cost effective way, this space can be as cheap as 1/3 the cost of building in other spaces.

Windows are another area in which you can save some money.  Spaces such as open areas and foyers don’t need operable windows, here’s a good place to utilize fixed glass which will save you money and will also serve to reduce air leakage.  Double-hung windows are beautiful but unnecessary, single-hung windows serve the same purpose and are cheaper to purchase and install, they are also more efficient when it comes to energy ratings.

This is a big topic that we’ll continue covering next week, so be sure to check back then to learn more and drop us a comment with your thoughts.