Dream Home Design: Common Questions

Designing your dream home may seem like a pipe dream for some people, but don’t strike it off your list of possibilities yet.  It may be only dreaming for now, but it could be reality one day, so why not take some time and think about your list of “wants” and “needs” for your dream home.


The living space on the first floor will typically be the most expensive part of your house.  This is due to the cost of the foundation, AC and heating, and roof.  Basements, depending on your house’s lot, can be a cost effective way to add a lot of space for very little money per square foot.  A second floor will also be cheaper per square foot than the main floor and can add to the overall exterior charm of your home as well.


Think about how many bedrooms you need both at present and how many you will need in the future.  Do you have a kid who is about to leave for college?  Are you planning to have more children?  Also think about whether or not you want all of your bedrooms to be on one floor.


The general rule for bathrooms is at least a half bath for the common living area for guests to use, and a large master bathroom. Depending on the number of other bedrooms you have, the number of bathrooms should go up.


Kitchens are not just for cooking but also socializing and gathering.  How big do you want your kitchen to be?  Do you want an island with barstools on one side?  Storage is also important, a walk-in pantry might be just the thing for organizing your extra dishes and non-perishable food.

Laundry & Garage

Most people prefer to keep these two spaces separate, but they can also be combined.  Do you like natural light for your laundry space?  Would you rather have a laundry room on the second floor for easy access?  How much space do you need in your garage?  Do you want room for your tools as well as your two cars?

Direct involvement in your home’s design is a luxury that home owners in south Texas can enjoy.  By coming into this conversation prepared to ask and answer questions about your desires, your custom home designer/architect can better work with you to talk about all the possibilities and solutions.  As always, when building your home, you should also consider your home’s resale value; this is always a possibility and should be taken into account when custom building.