Pros and Cons of Concrete Countertops

Concrete countertops are quickly becoming more popular; whether they are DYI concrete counters or you pay a professional, they can be arguably cheaper and more durable than other countertop material choices.

Pros of Concrete Countertops

Durability Concrete countertops are very durable; they are not only heat resistant but also scratch resistant as well. Cost The ability of concrete to be molded into any shape and dyed or stained almost any color as well as endlessly customizable with colors, designs, embedded objects such as fossils, tiles (whole or pieces), recycled glass, rocks, and much much more.  The organic look and feel of concrete draws most people to it, when you can’t find the perfect shade of granite, or right pattern for Corian, you can create it in concrete.  Whatever shape, whatever color, and whatever size you want, concrete can be that for you.

Cons of Concrete Countertops

Maintenance Applying a sealer is the key to maintaining a concrete countertop, because concrete is naturally porous and when is a lighter color, it will readily show blemishes when not properly sealed. Don’t wait until there is a problem with your counter to start taking care of it, you should be sealing the countertop regularly and caring for it in order to prevent problems from occcuring It is also important to clean concrete counters right away when there is a spill on them, this will help prevent staining.  Make sure that the cleaner and sealer that you are using are made for cleaning concrete countertops as using other types of cleaning products can end up damaging your counters in the end. Imperfections It is very difficult to pour a perfect concrete countertop, stains or other imperfections are usually present in any concrete whether it is a do it yourself project or a professional job. Hairline Cracks Concrete countertops that are poured in place instead of precast may develop hairline cracks as a result of your house shifting or settling, or other issues such as your kitchen faucet being screwed in too tightly.  Larger cracks are easier to fill and fix, hairline cracks are not so easy to fix and may require a professional.

Dream Kitchen Design Ideas

The kitchen is the heartbeat of the home and as such the design is incredibly important.  Your custom dream home should come with a dream kitchen 8where you can gather with your friends and family to converse and make food together.  If you’re trying to decide what a dream kitchen should have then keep reading some of our favorite tips to spark your imagination.



If your kitchen is large enough for an island, this is an essential part of a smoothly functioning kitchen, not just as a station for preparing food but also as a storage space.  In a small kitchen, the island can be mobile with wheels that can be locked and unlocked and wheeled out of the way when necessary while a larger kitchen can have a more traditional fixed island with much more storage space.  Perhaps you might even consider a raised bar on one side where your kids can grab a quick breakfast or after school snack.


Think about the counter placement, often when you bring groceries home, you’ll want to place the items that need to be refrigerated near the fridge.  This counter can be either across from or next to the refrigerator.

Choose a countertop that is durable and easy to clean, this will make your life much easier.  If you’re curious about which counter materials to choose, you might want to check out our article on granite vs corian countertops.


Where do you plan to keep your appliances, utensils, dishes, pots and pans?  Think this through while designing your cabinet space and be prepared to think creatively.  Are you an avid coffee drinker?  A drawer located just under where your coffee maker will sit with all your mugs neatly stored inside could save you time and energy when brewing your morning cup.  Maybe you want to keep your counters free of clutter and plan to store your appliances, are the cabinets tall enough?  Have you decided whether you will be installing custom or prefab cabinets?

Trash & Recycling

This is not something that most people think about when designing their kitchen, but where you keep your trash and recycling bins is very important, will it be a drawer that slides out from beside your fridge?  Under the sink?  In the pantry?

Talk over your ideas with your custom home designer or architect, they will be able to point out problem areas as well as give you great ideas.  Have you considered using Pinterest to help you design your kitchen?

Custom vs Prefabricated Cabinets

When planning your custom South Texas home, the kitchen is one of the main areas to which great attention must be given; a lot of your family’s time will be spent in this room and it is important that the design is conducive to easy clean-up and simple usage.

As a homeowner deciding whether to install custom or prefab cabinets, you will need to consider your budget, needs, and preferred design.  After you have thought about these considerations, the next step is to compare the advantages and disadvantages of both types of cabinetry.

Prefab Cabinets

Manufactured or prefab cabinets are cabinets that are already almost complete, they just need to be installed and a few finishing touches added.  Installation is simple and prefab cabinets don’t require a lot of time from ordering to finishing the installation.  They tend to be cheaper but do not offer a lot of customization options.  The factory finish offered on most prefab cabinets is a tempting bonus on an already inexpensive option.  Most factories typically allow semi-custom options such as soft-close cabinet doors and drawers which will add to the durability and luxurious feel of your kitchen.

Custom Cabinets

These cabinets will be built exactly to your desires and the possibility for customization is endless, however, the huge drawback is the amount of time that custom cabinets take from drawing up the plans to choosing the material to actually building then installing the cabinets.  In light of all of the skilled labor that is required, custom cabinets can be quite expensive but if your kitchen has special specifications or size requirements, custom cabinetry can offer exactly the solutions that your dream home kitchen needs.

When making up your mind about which to choose: prefab or custom kitchen cabinets, it can be helpful to not just speak with your custom home builder but to also get a detailed quote for custom and prefab cabinets.  This can help you better understand the differences between the two and your different options for your dream kitchen.  Have you read our post comparing Corian and granite counter tops?  If not, we highly recommend it as a follow-up read.

Corian vs Granite Counter Tops

When choosing the material for a countertop, the choices may seem overwhelming; we have so many options available to and the pros and cons of each choice might not be immediately obvious.  Let’s take a look at a two popular choices and learn about their differences.


Corian is a synthetic nonporous and homogenous surface that is stain resistant and available in over a hundred color options including ones made to look like natural materials.  DuPont, the same company that brought us products such as nylon, starting making Corian in the 1960s.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Corian

Because Corian is nonporous, it can be made without seams, this means that there are no cracks or holes where food or liquid can be caught and trapped.  For this reason, Corian is very hygienic, extremely easy to keep clean as well as durable and easy to repair. Thorough cleaning and drying is necessary to prevent water stains which will otherwise cause your counters to become dull.  Minor scratches and nicks can be removed with a scouring pad, and Corian can also withstand heat up to 325 degrees Fahrenheit though sustained contact with high temperatures can cause discoloring.


Granite is one of the most popular choices for kitchen and bathroom counters, it will always be in style and is a great choice when it comes to durability.  Granite is a rock formed from cooled molten lava, it is cut from quarries and then cut into slabs and polished for use as countertops.  It is available in many different and beautiful colors and because it is a natural stone, each piece of granite will be unique.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Granite

Granite is a porous rock which means that it will absorb any liquids that are spilled on it, despite this, damaging granite is not very easy.  Granite is heat resistant and scratch resistant.  Over time, with hard usage, granite is likely to crack or chip and replacement can be expensive.  Because granite is porous, that means that it should be cleaned well daily or else it can lead to mold or bacteria growth.  Any cleaning solutions containing acidic ingredients (such as citrus or vinegar) should not be used as they can dull the surface of the granite.  For granite countertops that are in regular use, it is recommended that you reseal them at least every two years to keep your countertops stain free.

Corian and Granite are both beautiful choices for any home and the perfect fit for your South Texas home should be discussed in more depth with your interior designer who will know just how to help you choose.