Tips to Increase your Home Value (2)

Last month we addressed the issue of home value-how it is a great financial investment and some preliminary tips on how to increase the value. This month, we will dig deeper into this topic.

Clean your house now pay for it later

If your house is on the market, the cleanliness of your house matters. It may not seem like that big of a deal, but the difference between a slightly dirty house and a clean shiny welcoming one makes all the difference in the world. If you make cleanliness of your house a priority it will not only reap dividends come time to let it go, it will also tackle several other issues at once. For instance, staying on top of maintenance issues by spotting them when you do a routine clean will help you to save on major expense cost. Second, you don’t allow particles like dirt and mold to build up over time. These items, especially mold, can go a long way in expenses down the road. Doing this will go a long way in helping you feel confident when it comes time to sell.

Curb Appeal Counts

If you really want to know what your house looks like in comparison to others, take a stroll down the block and look it over. Ask yourself, “does my house look attractive?” Look at the structure, ambiance, and placement for starters. After this, make a list of ways that you can make your house look more accommodating to someone driving by. If you have trees in the yard, make sure that there is enough visibility to see the outside of your house. If you have a walkway to the front door consider lining it with bushes or flowers. Take a photo and look it over. Ask yourself what are some ways that I can make this property look more inviting to others?

Upgrade the Kitchen

Any real-estate agent will tell you the number 1 interior remodel is the kitchen. Whether it is the paint that needs to be touched up or changed, new tile that needs to be put in, or the countertops that need to have a make over, upgrading your kitchen will go a long way in the attraction level of your house. An island in the kitchen does a lot to boost the welcome. Whether it is that, a pot or wine rack, incorporating several of these things will definitely increase the chances of getting close to what you ask for.

Beautify Your Bathroom

A final upgrade that you can look into is your bathroom. Of every room in the house, the bathroom is the one that is most used. Therefore, a lot of wear and tear will occur in this area.

  • Focus on the Faucet: Under-mount sinks are more preferred than drop-sinks
  • Go granite or marble with countertops: Trust me on this one. It will improve the look tenfold.
  • Add wall mounts instead of overhead lighting: It looks a lot more warm and welcoming.
  • Heated floors attract buyers like ants to sugar
  • Upgrade your shower: This can give you as much as an 85% return.
  • Keep it clean: Help to mitigate as much wear and tear as possible.

While this is not an exhaustive list, it is enough to get you to think about some things you can do to your home to upgrade your ROI.